Stop Living in Fear and Negativity Now!: The Caribbean Psychics House and Aura Cleanse Entity Removal Kit has everything you need to make your home and aura clear again.


This at-home kit contains everything you need to cleanse your home and Aura of negative energies, spirits, ghosts or entities.  Easy to follow instructions are included.

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Each and every kit contains...

  • Our Special Incense Formula

    We use an ancient blended formula utilizing wisdom used by ancient civilizations and perfected by the Carib Indians.  It completely removes and banishes negativity when used properly.

  • Blessed Holy Water from Lourdes

    The Catholic Church has held many secrets over its existence.  Their holy water specifically from the sanctuary in Lourdes, France is a powerful tool in eliminating negative energies, entities, ghosts and spirits.  The water comes in an easy to use spray bottle.

  • Charcoal and Instructions are Included!

    The charcoal needed to keep the incense burning is included with each kit.  Each kit also includes a one page guide of easy-to-follow instructions.  If you have any other questions just feel free to ask!

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About Our Work!

“Hi Marlene.  Good Morning.  I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I had the best sleep last night ever in the house.  Even the dog slept on my bed with me and he usually gets freaked out and doesn’t.  We really appreciate a peaceful home.”

                                                                     - Samantha T., Montclair, NJ

For 15 years strange occurrences happened in my house.  I have a six bedroom home where everyday my doorbell would ring.  My cameras showed no one at the front door.  Appliances and electronics would turn on and off by themselves.  Things eventually progressed to where I could literally feel someone or something at the bottom of my staircase.  Over the years I paid paranormal investigators, psychics and shamans to clear my house of the negativity.  After a lot of money and wasted time everything remained the same.  I met Marlene at a psychic fair and was extremely impressed by the accurate and profound reading that she gave me.  

During one reading, Marlene picked up on the fact that I would be dead tired at 10:00 pm yet unable to go to sleep until 3:00 am in the morning.  To make a long story short, Marlene came to my house with everything that she needed to clear my house of negativity.  I am happy to say that it is six months now and my doorbell has not rung nor do I feel any negativity in my home.  I would encourage anyone with this problem to contact Marlene.  After many years of negativity my home finally a peaceful place.”                                                                                                                                                                                          – Barbara L, Scarsdale, NY

“I had a good sleep for many nights now, and I can feel my house filled with loving and happy energy.  Thank you very much!”   

                                                                              – Kristen S., Summit, NJ

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