“Thanks Marlene!  I’m such not a mushy person, but I can’t thank you enough and I’m so grateful I met you.”              – Cassidy M., Somerset, NJ


“I consulted Marlene regarding relationship issues.  I had not seen or heard from my love interest for over three months.  Marlene told me that I would run into my guy before Christmas (December 2016).  I simply found it hard to believe.  I went out with friends on December 23, 2016 to have drinks and I saw my boyfriend in the bar!  Exactly two days before Christmas!”                                      – Carolyn G., Stamford, CT


“I met Marlene at a Psychic Fair in Parsippany, NJ.  I was very challenged in my relationship with my boyfriend.  I can honestly say that my relationship is getting better and better due to the information and guidance of Marlene’s readings.  I now do mostly phone readings with Marlene due to my busy schedule.  Her information is the same over the phone as in person.  Thank you, Marlene!”                                                                                                         – Sarah H, White Plains, NY


For 15 years strange occurrences happened in my house.  I have a six bedroom home where everyday my doorbell would ring.  My cameras showed no one at the front door.  Appliances and electronics would turn on and off by themselves.  Things eventually progressed to where I could literally feel someone or something at the bottom of my staircase.  Over the years I paid paranormal investigators, psychics and shamans to clear my house of the negativity.  After a lot of money and wasted time everything remained the same.  I met Marlene at a psychic fair and was extremely impressed by the accurate and profound reading that she gave me.  

During one reading, Marlene picked up on the fact that I would be dead tired at 10:00 pm yet unable to go to sleep until 3:00 am in the morning.  To make a long story short, Marlene came to my house with everything that she needed to clear my house of negativity.  I am happy to say that it is six months now and my doorbell has not rung nor do I feel any negativity in my home.  I would encourage anyone with this problem to contact Marlene.  After many years of negativity my home finally a peaceful place.”                                                                   – Barbara L, Scarsdale, NY


“I first met Marlene at the Psychic Fair in Somerset, NJ in November 2016.  She told me that I should be careful with and budget my money because she say an interruption in my husband’s finances around the second week of December.  I thought she was mistaken because my husband had a high paying job and I felt that his position was secure.  She also told me she saw my family and I travelling in December.  We did travel in December as she foresaw and one day after we returned, my husband was abruptly terminated from his job.  I was in shock.  I called Marlene and scheduled another reading where she then told me to look out for my husband’s former boss to be let go very shortly.  After one week and a half, my husband told me that his former boss was let go.  Things are much better not thanks to the guidance obtained from Marlene’s readings.  We feel blessed.”                                                                                                                    – Denise R., Runnemede, NJ


“I was referred to Marlene in December 2016.  I have had numerous readings with her that are always spot on and accurate.  There were many things that she predicted that I felt was out of left field.  I am happy that I was wrong.  Everything she told me has happened and my life is getting better and better.  Marlene is an awesome reader and spiritual advisor and I thank God for that December referral.”                                                                                – Marisa C., Saddle Brook, NJ


 “I had a good sleep for many nights now, and I can feel my house filled with loving and happy energy.  Thank you very much!”                     – Kristen S., Summit, NJ


“Hi Marlene.  Good Morning.  I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I had the best sleep last night ever in the house.  Even the dog slept on my bed with me and he usually gets freaked out and doesn’t.  We really appreciate a peaceful home.”                                                                                                 – Samantha T., Montclair, NJ


 “I met Marlene because she was attending a Psychic Fair that is usually held in my restaurant once a month or every first Sunday of each month.  I asked Marlene to tell me who would win the 2017 Super Bowl between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.  Marlene told me two days before the Super Bowl that she saw Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl by six points.  I believed her because other information that she game to me and my staff was always spot on.                              – John M., Owner of Sir John Restaurant, White Plains, NY


“Marlene is the best reader I have ever been to.  She was dead-on with everything.  I had chills in my body.  I will be going back to her.”                                                                                                    – Rachel S., Lodi, NJ


“I have consulted with Marlene over the course of many months.  Marlene’s information is always correct and I have experienced positive and consistent progress in my life as a result of these consultations.  One of the most shocking predictions by Marlene was the 2016 Presidential Election.  At the end of a reading, I asked Marlene who she saw winning the election.  She told me that Donald Trump would win and that she saw the word “Shocker” with his name and the election.  Marlene further predicted that Donald Trump would win states not typically won by a Republican candidate.”                                                                                                                                   – Carol G., Hoboken